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Brad Decater

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As an Issaquah/Sammamish native(over 30 years), I have seen the amazing transformation of these two once linked cities! I remember when the Issaquah highlands was a mountain of trees, and when most of the "Sammamish" was technically in the city of Issaquah...But we called it "The Plateau"! Do you remember that?!?! My intimate knowledge of the nooks and crannies of the different neighborhoods, schools, entertainment, shopping, and area as a whole has served me well in helping my clients navigate the perfect house/neighborhood for them, as well as get top dollar for my sellers! Knowing what type of buyers fit where, is imperative to both sides of my business(buyers/sellers). I go all out for my clients and my strong work ethic, which I honed in my past career as a professional baseball player with the Baltimore Orioles has driven my growth thus far. I take my job very seriously and am always driving hard to grow my knowledge by taking courses and seminars to learn more about the industry changes, technology, and my favorite...negotiation tactics! To me, the most important part of this business is the long term relationships, and I love building them with my clients! I am told by clients that they can really feel that I am genuine and that I am always looking out for their best interests and telling the truth, even when it’s tough news. I truly love what I do and love this area I live in!

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